Tax Preparation Organization


Are you a one man show that did all of the work, wrote the checks, collected the money, but didn't record any of it? Your concept took off and next you had to hire perople to help? There wasn't time to set up a set of books and you ended up throwing it all in a box to get to later....however, it is time to file taxes now. We can help sort through the shoebox and get your books set up.


Do you need to give your bank financials in order to get that loan for your new product? You had the best of intentions by trying to keep a set of books yourself to save money, or did hire a bookkeeper who was not qualified and has left you with a bookkeeping nightmare? We can help get your books cleaned up.

What do I need to do?

Let us record and reconcile the Revenues Received, Cost of Goods Sold, & Expenses to produce meaningful reports for your CPA or Bank or Investor to use. We will compile a list of statements from banks, credit cards, assets you purchased, expenses you paid. As well as vendors, employees and local taxes you paid.

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