Reporting Services

Job Cost & Profitability

If we show you the facts, you will know which direction to drive your business. If you are offering a service or selling a widget, you need to know how much you make on each. We learn about your business so we can capture all the parts and pieces to give you accurate reports.

Profit & Loss Statements

This is the information that you need to be successful. Are you driving a profit or taking a loss? Let us show you real time and let us trend it month over month and year over year. We can highlight areas we think might help you increase profit.

Statement of Cash Flows

Let us show you what money you have available and what is spoken for already. Will you be able to pay your employees on time? Your Vendors? Your Taxes? Can you even afford to grow your business? We can help predict your cash flow and suggest ways to improve your position.

Balance Sheet

Do you have or need credit terms or a loan to operate or expand your business? Lenders and Investors will need to evaluate the financial health of your company to determine how much they will lend. As a part of our closing procedures, we will reconcile and report on all balance sheet accounts to ensure accurate balances.

Aging Reports

Have you collected what is owed to you? Did you pay your vendors on time? Do you need to put an item on sale? We will make sure you are aware of Aging receivables, purchase orders, payables, inventory so you can stay on track to move inventory, pay bills and collect that money.

Detailed Reports

Does an account look inflated or too low? A deeper dive into specific accounts can help maintain consistency or point out any inaccuracies.

Employee & Product Performance

There is so much you never knew about your business. Is your employee fully utilized? Are your sales people performing well? How about your products? Which ones are performing well for you? Let us learn about your business and we can even suggest the reports that will make us successful.


We can create budgets at a company level, product level or job level. We will start at the lowest level and work our way up. Then we can report on how well you and your team are doing.

Inventory Reports

If you have inventory, you definitely need to manage it. Too little is bad. Too much is worse. We can help forecast your inventory needs based on your historical trends and your current sales pipeline.

My Daily Money Manager

Run your business on real data